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Chuck DeVore and Tom Harman Support Higher Taxes*

*If you are a part of a gay/lesbian couple…. And Heather Pritchard inspired this post ;)  Today is Tax Day, and if you just happen to be part of a Gay/Lesbian couple, you’re paying more taxes than your straight/married counterparts.  Why?  Gays and Lesbians cannot take advantage of the marriage deduction and routinely pay more in taxes…

Yoo’s Torture Memo: Executive Authority is Absolute

A while back, we were able to get State Rep. Chuck DeVore to admit he saw nothing wrong with the US using waterboarding as a form of interrogation even though this country prosecuted Japanese officers for waterboarding American POWs. Last night’s Keith Olbermann program examined a torture memo written by Justice Department lawyer John Yoo.…

Historians Rate W the Worst President Ever

In a survey of professional historians, President George W. Bush’s presidency was considered a massive failure with 98 percent of the historians saying it’s a failure and a full 61 percent calling W “the worst president ever.” The survey was conducted by Professor Robert McElvaine of Millsaps College for the History News Netork and is…

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

There is an extraordinary Total Buzz post from Marty Wisckol that ran yesterday featuring an interview with GOP leader Mike Schroeder regarding the outcome of the failed Debbie Cook lawsuit. Marty referred to criticism of Schroeder but other Republicans and Mike seemed to lose it. see what Marty wrote after the flip:

Could we afford a McCain Presidency?

Johnny Mac thinks we should stay in Iraq for the next 100 years.  Can we afford to? THE COST OF IRAQ WAR BROKEN DOWN Second:        $3,919  Minute:        $235,160 Hour:          $14,109,589 Day:           $338,630,137 Week:          $2.4 billion  Month:         $10.3 billion Year:          $123.6 billion  [Congressional Research Service, 2/22/08]