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Do As I Say, Not As I Do

There is an extraordinary Total Buzz post from Marty Wisckol that ran yesterday featuring an interview with GOP leader Mike Schroeder regarding the outcome of the failed Debbie Cook lawsuit. Marty referred to criticism of Schroeder but other Republicans and Mike seemed to lose it. see what Marty wrote after the flip:

Could we afford a McCain Presidency?

Johnny Mac thinks we should stay in Iraq for the next 100 years.  Can we afford to? THE COST OF IRAQ WAR BROKEN DOWN Second:        $3,919  Minute:        $235,160 Hour:          $14,109,589 Day:           $338,630,137 Week:          $2.4 billion  Month:         $10.3 billion Year:          $123.6 billion  [Congressional Research Service, 2/22/08] 

Cook Prevails in Sacramento

Or the alternaive headline is Mike Schroder loses.  Again. Here’s the skinny on the judge’s decision: Carlson failed to serve Debbie Cook and wih this failure to serve, he failed to invoke the jurisdiction of the court.  While mindful of the limited timeframe and good faith attempts to contact counsel in advance of the hearing, the…

Schroeder is Not Vader; He’s Jason

UPDATE: Orange Punch is reporting the Secretary of State’s office has released the list of candidates for the June Primary and Debbie Cook i slisted as the Mayor of Huntington Beach.  HT to Red County and Total Buzz The Mike Schroeder/Debbie Cook lawsuit is still alive, on life support, but still alive.  Schroeder will appear…

Schroeder, suit against Cook DISMISSED!

News Flash: The 4th District Court of Appeals has dismissed Mike Schroeder’s frivolous suit against Huntington Beach Mayor Debbie Cook over her ballot designation for the 46th Congressional race. The music you hear in the background is the the Weighty Woman Warbling. Celebrate with us — go drop a few bucks on Debbie’s ActBlue page!…