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Irvine pays Irvine Community News & Views $350K over Free Speech Lawsuit

For Irvine’s right wingers and certain developers with millions to spend to buy city councilors and the mayor, Larry Agran is Irvine’s biggest boogeyman.  And Irvine Community News & Views is Agran’s “fake newspaper” which publishes “fake news” right? Wrong. In America, anyone with a printing press can publish a newspaper and ICNV publishes news…

Fitzgerald Tells His Side of the Story; Offers a Preview of His Next Anaheim City Council Comments

We contacted Anaheim gadfly William Denis Fitzgerald the day after he was arrested on misdemeanor assault and battery charges at the last Anaheim City Council meeting after making salacious remarks during public comments.  He finally responded last night with his side of the story, and we reprint it below (any edits are due to formatting…

William Fitzgerald loses his lawsuit appeal against OC Board of Supervisors

A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that an Anaheim man’s First Amendment rights were not violated when his speech drew strong reactions at Orange County Board of Supervisors meetings. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals also upheld a board rule barring “personal, impertinent, slanderous or profane remarks” at public meetings. But the court made its ruling “unpublished,” meaning it does not set precedent for future cases.

Let the People Speak First

UPDATED!!! Costa Mesa Mayor Jim Righeimer has decided that he does not want to listen to the public first at the meetings of the city council. Righiemer’s solution to this “problem” of his own creation is to limit public comment at the beginning of the meeting to ten randomly selected speakers, leaving the rest to wait until the end of the agenda, however late that time may arrive.