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Best Person to Head New Consumer Protection Agency Opposed by Tim Geithner

Elizabeth Warren presents the best defense for the middle class. It is imperative she head the new agency that will ultimately defend consumers from the the practices of the banking and credit card industries. Far from being a crony to the financial kings, she has been the most vocal advocate of an agency dedicated to the interests of consumers.

Senate Republicans Block Debate on Financial Reform Bill

Democrats failed to get the cloture vote, on Monday, which is necessary to proceed debate on a financial reform bill putting tougher restrictions on Wall Street. Based on the things they are opposing, it’s an easy sell to voters that Republicans are taking their orders from Wall Street.

Weekly Address: President Obama Urges Action on Financial Reform

In this week’s address, President Barack Obama reiterated his call for comprehensive reforms to the financial system including commonsense rules of the road and a Consumer Financial Protection Agency that will advocate for everyday Americans. The President also urged the Senate to remain strong and resist the pressure of those who wish to preserve the status quo.