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Senate Republicans Block Debate on Financial Reform Bill

Democrats failed to get the cloture vote, on Monday, which is necessary to proceed debate on a financial reform bill putting tougher restrictions on Wall Street. Based on the things they are opposing, it’s an easy sell to voters that Republicans are taking their orders from Wall Street.

McCain Cuts and Runs from Friday’s Debate; Suspends Campaign to Deal with Financial Crisis

Senator John McCain has suspended his presidential campaign to head back to Washington “to deal with the financial crisis.”  McCain has called for a postponement of this Friday’s debate with Senator Barack Obama as a result. This is laughable. First, McCain’s campaign manager is outed for his lobbying firm’s continued acceptance of $15,000 a month…

WDYT: The Financial Crisis

As I write this now, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is already down 300 points and the Nasdaq Composite is falling 60 points just minutes after the Opening Bell. What’s rocking Wall Street is the total financial meltdown. Lehman Brothers, one of the oldest & (once) strongest institutional investment banks on Wall Street, is filing…