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Flory Thanks Fullerton Voters

Dear Angels, WE DID IT!  Last Wednesday, the Registrar of Voters certified the election results and I squeaked past Travis Kiger by 29 votes.  Bill is now calling me “Landslide Jan”.  No matter, our task was to take out a well-funded incumbent, and we did it.  Many of us are breathing a sigh of relief…

When the Chips are Down, Turn to Mom

There’s a sign in the OC Register’s newsroom that served as guidance for reporter’s there; “Your Mother Says She loves You? Check it out!” And in Fullerton, there’s no greater example of a mother’s love and protection than the online postings of soon-to-be-ex-Fullerton council member Travis Kiger.  With about two days of counting left, Kiger…

Is Chris Thompson Fullerton’s Batman?

The Fullerton Stories website has an interesting piece about how Fullerton School Board member and Recall Committee Chairman Chris Thompson has become Fullerton’s own version of “Batman.” The school board member reportedly took it upon himself to investigate a parking lot of a local school where during the summer months, youths gather.