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New Facebook Group Calls for Alvarez to Resign

A new Facebook page as emerged and is serving as an online voice to call for the resignation of Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez,  You can view the page here and join it and like it per Facebook lingo. The nice thing about Facebook is that unlike anonymous comments left on Blogs, most…

Tears of a Weiner

As the news program I was tuned into last night hooked the upcoming story, as “shocking revelations” that Anthony Weiner has indeed posted lewd pictures of himself on his Twitter account and “other social networking sites,” I wondered.  How can anyone continue to refer to this type of news story as shocking?  Is it because of his limp…

Costa Mesa Council Takes A Beating Over Outsourcing

More than 50 people addressed the Costa Mesa City Council on Tuesday night and it wasn’t pretty. People were angry. They were angry about the poorly researched outsourcing juggernaut that the council majority was imposing on the city work force. They were embarrassed that their Mayor had shown such a disregard for his duty as Mayor to continue to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day after city worker Huy Pham took his life at City Hall as layoff notices were delivered to 213 employees.

Leprechaun Mayor Goes Social

I was alerted by a Facebook friend request and Twitter follow to a new social network participant from Costa Mesa. Having followed the BronxZoosCobra on Twitter the past few days, I’ve enjoyed learning how much pithy humor that can be dished out in 140 characters.

James Rainey on Civil Discourse by Commenters

Chip Hanlon’s Red County post about censorship by the Fullerton School District in blocking the Friends for Fullerton’s Future was an excellent post not only for the topic, but for the comments it generated.  One commenter had a comment blocked for violating Red County’s terms of service prompting a discussion of censorship (that term only…