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The Noose of Anti-Gay Hatred Alive and Well In Santa Ana

So… We got to the office today and there was a noose tied to the front door… To be safe we called the police to file a report… When the police showed up the male officer said, “Well… Sometimes you just have to live with being a victim.”… This is how Santa Ana Police respond to a Hate Incident/Crime?

Governor Signs Harvey Milk Day and Marriage Recognition Bills

Editor’s Note:  The following was sent in a release from Equality California. We may not agree with much that Gov. Schwarenegger does, but today, we thank him. Sacramento – Today Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law two historic LGBT rights bills – recognizing the contributions of slain civil rights leader Harvey Milk and a bill that…

DOJ moves to dismiss first fed gay marriage case

Orange County Gay Couple, married last year in California has filed suit in federal court to have there marriage recognized in all states. By LINDA DEUTSCH – LOS ANGELES (AP) — The U.S. Justice Department has moved to dismiss the first gay marriage case filed in federal court, saying it is not the right venue…