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Kagan is Confirmed to the Supreme Court

  Elena Kagan has been confirmed by the Senate and will become the fourth woman to serve on the US Supreme Court. MSNBC is reporting that “The Senate approved President Barack Obama’s nominee Thursday. Kagan’s addition to the court marks the first time three female justices have served concurrently. Nearly all Democrats, the Senate’s two…

Kagan’s Passes Senate Committee’s Muster

We appear to be days away from the confirmation of a new Supreme Court Justice.  The Senate Judiciary Committee has approved Solictor General Elena Kagan by a vote of 13-6 with one Republican joining Democrats in voting yes. Here’s the story from the New York Times. The nomination now goes before the full Senate with…

The Opposition Begins

…with a whimper.   The National Review’s Ed Whelan posted criticism of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan today. The money quote: Kagan … is such a product of New York City that she did not learn to drive until her late 20s. According to her friend John Q. Barrett, a law professor at St. John’s…

U.S. Solicitor General Elena Kagan Nominated to Supreme Court

Widely regarded as one of the nation’s leading legal minds, Solicitor General Elena Kagan has forged a path-breaking career in the law and in government service, distinguishing herself throughout by her penetrating intellect, unwavering integrity, sound judgment and prodigious work ethic. Her family taught her the value not just of education, but of service, and instilled in her an understanding of how the law affects the lives of working Americans.