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There’s an App for That

  Chicago, IL (June 22, 2017) –  In an effort to reconnect people and politics, NewFounders today launched the EveryElection app, a user-friendly app that alerts citizens when a local election is coming up, as well as how and where to vote. The way it works is simple: you download the app, input your address…

Ellis Won’t Quit; Continues to Divide California Democratic Party

Over the email in-box from Kimberly Ellis today: To Whom It May Concern: Right now, our Federal government is embroiled over questions related to political campaigns and outside influence. A clear conflict has grown between those nestled in power and those who seek truth. Here in California, our State Democratic Party is faced with similar questions relating to the election of…

Will Portola High Testing Cost IUSD Measure E Votes?

Measure E, a significant bond measure aimed at shoring up older schools in Irvine, is on the ballot for June 7.  During the Great Recession and California’s budget crisis from 10 years ago, money for needed repairs just wasn’t there and Irvine’s current State Assembly and State Senate team have already told the city’s education…

Moorlach Seeks Legacy: Making everyone Vote-By-Mail in special elections

Supervisor John Moorlach

Quietly, and without warning, Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach has introduced a proposal to place on the November 2014 ballot a Charter amendment requiring that all special elections for County offices be conducted by mail only. Under his plan, voters would not be able to vote in person at their local precinct on the day of a special election. His public rationale is simple, he want’s to save a few bucks in special election costs.

Gangham Style Elections

The runaway hit “Gangham Style” has spawned two parody videos “RomneyStyle and “ObamaStyle.”  The Democrats seem to have better production values and a closer redentition to the original video. I’m posting both if you need a break from hard core politicking and need a laugh.  Tell us what you think.

Voices From Street Corners: 2012 Quite a Year Already

Retail Center - South Orange County

Thinking about the state of leadership in the country right now I recalled this thought from Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat and the Chrysler Group: “…. Leadership is not a quantitative thing…people either smell it in you or they don’t…People need to trust you that you’re going to pull them out and they will follow you when you pull them out. If they don’t get that comfort, they’re going to drop you.