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Primary Election Analysis

The first top-two primary election in California has concluded. The results show some clear winners, some losers, and some nail-biter contests whose results will not be final for days. There are a total of 113,199 remaining Vote-By-Mail, Provisional, and Paper ballots left to count. With numbers this large it is possible that some of the contests, with narrow margins between the second and third place finishers, will flip.

Why does Van Tran know how many ballots are outstanding when nobody else does?

The suspicious part of me thinks that number is more reflective of Tran’s estimate of the number of late absentee ballots his campaign (allegedly) helped illegally dump at polling places across the district. There is (allegedly) a long history of Tran’s team gathering ballots from voters, and delivering them for them to the polls. This is of course illegal, but that hasn’t stopped this funny business over the years Tran has held office.

Congressional District Breakdown of OC Presidential Vote

NOW UPDATED WITH CA-44 RESULTS! You can thank californianintexas at Swing State Project for this! She’s working hard to get us the Presidential Vote Tallies by Congressional District. And now, we have all the OC CD info. But anyways, here’s how each of the OC districts (save the 44th) voted for President. To make things…

Ballot Count: Garden Grove, Westminster, CA 44th

Here are the latest updates from the post election day counting of ballots. The Orange County Registrar of Voters has posted its update for today tabulating the late vote-by-mail ballots. There are still Provisional and paper ballots from election day that still need to be tabulated. But here is where things are in the close…