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OC Young Dems to Hold Early Endorsement Meeting

With the passage of Proposition 14 in June 2010, elections in California now follow an open primary system in which only the top two vote-getters advance, even if they are from the same political party. Because of this new process Orange County Young Democtats has decided to consider early endorsements in select races.

OccupyOC-Irvine Gets Two More Weeks To Camp Out

On Tuesday the Irvine City Council voted unanimously to permit the OccupyOC-Irvine demonstrators to camp on the Civic Center lawn for another two weeks. An agreement between the demonstrators and the city was set to expire today, is now set to expire on December 17th unless the agreement is extended again.

Julio Perez Launches Campaign Website and Begins Canvasses

Julio Perez

Using every tool available to reach voters, the Julio Perez for Assembly campaign this weekend began the first of several neighborhood canvasses. The campaign also announced the launch of its official website at www.JulioForAssembly.com that features several tools to organize volunteers, energize supporters and collect campaign contributions.

Voices From Street Corners (Vol 19): Reflections

As we are witness to the Presidential Beauty Pagaent and the complacent media before us, the World has continued to implode and change before our very eyes. What has happened in the Middle East is nothing short of remarkable. It has been a grass-roots effort that prompted many to rethink long-standing beliefs. It is startling to see someone like Hosni Mubarak who up to five months ago could do no wrong is now confined to a Cairo Military Hospital under virtual arrest for corruption. Beyond the World, though, there are the continued challenges at home.

Too Good To be True

Billionaire and New York weirdo Donald Trump announced at a Tea Party gathering in Boca Raton that he is considering tossing his hair piece into the presidential race for 2012.  Yes, he has such an over sized, deluded self image that this seems like a plausible move to make.  For me, it’s as exciting as when Ross Perot ran against…