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Not much of a Race To The Top for Orange County schools.

The Orange County Register reports that Most O.C. districts say no to Race To The Top Reforms. As few as nine Orange County school districts have committed to implement sweeping reforms championed under President Obama’s federal Race to the Top grant program for schools, leaving up to 19 ineligible to receive the potentially millions of federal stimulus dollars that California is seeking.

Make 2010 the Year of the Fox in CA AD-70

With voters in NY23 rejecting a hard right wing idealogue, perhaps voters in AD-70 can do the same next year and cast a ballot for Melissa Fox against two hard core right wingers who desire to out-conservative each other. A Right-Wing Extremist or Melissa Fox? In November of 2008, voters in our district chose Obama,…

Come and Meet Assembly Candidate Melissa Fox

I finally met Melissa last month at an event in Laguna Beach.  She has a lot of energy and ideas to help represent Assembly District 70.  Electing Melissa to this seat means we’ll get some real representation especially in the area of education where the current office holder values the Republican Party Line over the needs of the…