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U.S. Senate Candidate Loretta Sanchez Announces Higher Education Agenda


Los Angeles – Today, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, candidate to replace retiring U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, met with college students and graduates to discuss her higher education priorities that she will pursue in the United States Senate. The plan, titled ‘College Education for All,’ includes 5 major priorities, including affordable $5/unit courses, 4-year degree programs in Community…

Library Board member seeks seat on Anaheim City School District Board

David Robert Heywood

David Robert Heywood is running for a seat on the Anaheim City School Board because he believes that all of us are responsible for the education of Anaheim’s children and that we all have a stake in quality public schools. He understands that when children receive a high quality education our neighborhoods are strengthened, healthier, and more vibrant.

Assemblyman Confuses Reagan’s Actual Record Against Stated Policies

ronald Reagan

Republican Assemblyman Don Wagner (R-Irvine) has a long career in education and surely he’s smarter than his recent OC Political love letter to the late Ronald Reagan. Wagner apparently had an opportunity to read portions of the Gipper’s own personal diary recently and revealed that Reagan thought former House Speaker Tip O’Neill **believed** Reagan’s policies…

The Trader Joe’s Encounter – Part I

Some last minute shopping sent me to Trader Joe’s in Irvine’s Woodbury shopping center Sunday evening and I noticed a couple of Steven Choi signs close to the door.  And as the clerk was scanning my purchases, I turned and saw Dr. No himself greeting departing customers and offering door hangers and a smile as…

Who is Pulling Steven Choi’s Puppet Strings?

Republican Mayoral candidate Steven Choi’s onion-thin skin has been pierced again by effective mailers that spell out his record — that Choi voted against Irvine City Budgets in 2009 and 2010 and in doing so voted against public safety, city funding for public schools, parks & recreation issues and other infrastructure improvements simply because Choi, like…