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Is California Broken? Lockyer and Levy Say No

In an editorial in today’s Los Angeles Times, Bill Lockyer and Stephen Levy make the case that the state of California isn’t broken.  I know that’s bound to rile up the John-and-Ken crowd, but the duo make a compelling case. From the opinion: “During the current fiscal year, general fund revenues are expected to total…

Voices From Street Corners (Vol 6)

It was Thursday and I was tired and driving down Alicia Parkway. I was deep in thought as I saw this lady holding up a sign. I pulled aside, grabbed a bottle of water and a snack and went up to talk to her. I admit I was nervous thinking what Jane Doe might think and how she might react. I went up and began with a simple question: What happened & Why are you here?

Voices From Street Corners (Vol. 4)

I was around town tending to on-going chores on the eve of 9/11 while I again ran across another family at a street corner. I worked up the courage to walk up to talk to them. The gentleman was a man who was a painter. He noted that he had no work. He was trying…

Rebuilding Our Economy to Work for Middle Class Americans

Today, the President will speaking in the Cleveland, Ohio about his vision for the future of the American economy and about specific ways to move our economy forward. This morning White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer laid out the stakes on the economy ahead of the President’s remarks in Cleveland this afternoon.

Voices From Street Corners – Vol. 3

As I drove around town this week, I admit I became a bit self-centered. When one worries about their own predicament, one forgets about all that is going on around them and forgets. I then remembered Elie Weitzel’s admonition to us all to “….to give meaning to life and in doing so to overcome the passive, indifferent life.” As I noticed people who continue to hold up signs, I wonder what else could be done.

Voices From Street Corners (Cont’d)

I have continued to watch with horror as I see the folks in South County holding up signs asking for help. I have seen a few good samartians giving a few dollars here and there. One such person who had been on the same street corner for over a year now talked about how he…