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Yes, the Earth moved

We had an earthquake just before 5PM PDT today.  Details can be found here.  It was a 5.9 shaker about 60 miles northeast of San Diego and 40 miles south of Palm Springs. Feel free to chime in and let us kow if you felt it.

Helping Haiti

On Tuesday, a catastrophic earthquake struck near Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The full extent of the damage is still being assessed, but the death toll — already in the thousands — is climbing fast. This is the worst earthquake to hit the area in more than 200 years. Entire communities have been ripped apart and as many…

Earthquake 5.4 felt in OC

Yes Virgina, that was an earthquake. According to Janet Nguyen it was her remarks on Moorlach’s Pension ballot initiative. Maybe it was the indictment of Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens on corruption charges by a federal grand Jury. Or maybe it was a fault line somewhere around Chino that slipped up a little. At any rate…