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No Sanctuary for Homeless in Downtown Santa Ana

As the county seat of government, and second largest city, Santa Ana’s Civic Center is a magnet for the homeless. For decades the city has been wrestling with the problem of homelessness with little progress. The City’s most notable accomplishment was in 1992 when Santa Ana passed its anti-camping ordinance in order to eradicate the tent city set up by the homeless in the Civic Center.

If someone tells you democracy lives in Downtown Santa Ana, they’re lying

Because Santa Ana is a charter city they can pretty much do whatever they want when it comes to setting up an assessment district like the one that covers Santa Ana’s downtown core. The law in Santa Ana that makes it possible for the city to levy an assessment tax on downtown property owners is written almost entirely from a state law that allows for the creation of, and taxation within, property business improvement districts.

Santa Ana Bicycle Parking Zoning Update

On Monday, on a 7-0 vote the Santa Ana City Council approved a revision to local business zoning regulations that requires the addition of proportional bicycle parking when accomodations for vehicle parking are required. There have been questions raised about whether the recently passed zoning code amendment requiring bicycle parking in new developments and some…