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Trump Announcement: A Breakup in Progress?

Donald Trump

Billionaire Donald Trump caused a flurry of speculation on Wednesday when he announced that he would be making a major announcement on Thursday, Groundhog Day. According to Trump adviser Michael Cohen, “the announcement will pertain to the presidential race.” There has been speculation that Mr. Trump will be making an endorsement.

Too Good To be True

Billionaire and New York weirdo Donald Trump announced at a Tea Party gathering in Boca Raton that he is considering tossing his hair piece into the presidential race for 2012.  Yes, he has such an over sized, deluded self image that this seems like a plausible move to make.  For me, it’s as exciting as when Ross Perot ran against…

A New Birther Conspiracy?

Readers of this blog know we believe the issue over where President Obama was born is settled matter. And no matter how often we refer Birthers to the FactCheck.org page with detailed high def photos of the raised seal, the birthers respond with some new insistance that our President was somehow born in Kenya. Orly…

Donald Trump to Miss California: “You’re Fired”

Carrie Prejean, this year’s Miss California, has been stripped of her crown for ongoing issues with carrying out the duties of her title.  Donald Trump, who owns the rights to the Miss USA Paegant, was involved. From the story on Yahoo: “The group kicked the controversial beauty queen from her post due to “contract violations…