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Loretta Sanchez Announces more than $2 million in HUD grants

“Orange County’s foreclosure crisis has been one of the most significant consequences of this recession,” said Rep. Sanchez. “In addition to providing assistance to struggling homeowners, we have to reduce blight in order to stabilize neighborhood home values. This funding will help our local communities accomplish both of these goals while also creating jobs and producing affordable housing.”

Sanchez: “I’m siding with Orange County families not Wall St. firms”

“As we rebuild Orange County’s economy, we must put in place common-sense rules to ensure Wall Street and the Big Banks never again gamble with our money and our future,” said Rep. Sanchez. “Wall Street firms may be bouncing back, but Californians continue to suffer from the consequences of their actions. This bill is about whose side you’re on, and I’m on the side of working families.”