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Republicans just plain wrong!

Nancy Pelosi was greeted by thunderous applause when she walked onto the stage at the Democratic National Convention this evening. The California delegation stayed on its feet for an additional 15 seconds after Pelosi began speaking chanting,Nancy!Nancy!Nancy!

Clinton, Warren, and Pelosi Headline DNC2012 tonight

Wednesday night’s DNC2012 proceedings will focus on the economy and jobs with business leaders Austin Ligon, founder and retired CEO of CarMax and Jim Sinegal, CEO of Costco speaking about the importance of investing in innovation and infrastructure. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka will be speaking in the second hour of the program 6pm-7pm (EDT). Tom Steyer, Co-Founder of Advanced Energy Economy will speek following a video presentation on the importance of energy to our economy.

Obama Acceptance Speech Moved Indoors

DNC2012 organizers have decided to implement their weather contingency plan, moving the Thursday night ceremonies from the Bank of America Stadium to the Time Warner Arena. Severe thunderstorms are predicted for the rest of the week and the decision hinged on safety concerns.

DNC2012 Tuesday Night Wrap Up

The Democratic National Convention kicked off Tuesday evening with opening remarks from Democratic National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wassermann Schultz. “We have the largest number of delegates ever assembled at a Democratic National Convention,” Wassermann Schultz said. “As I look out from the podium, I see a diverse assembly of Democrats who represent the strength and unity of our party.”

DNC LGBT Caucus 551 Members Strong

California has the largest contingent of LGBT delegates from any state at 76. That is more than double the number from the nearest delegation, New York, at 36. Steven Kerrigan, the openly bay CEO of the convention addressed the LGBT caucus telling delegates that the 2012 DNC has the largest and most diverse delegation of…