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Dirty Jobs OC Edition: Anaheim City Manager

Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait (Photo: Chris Prevatt)

I’m not a fan of reality TV, but there’s a show called “Dirty Jobs” (now cancelled by The Discovery Channel) that documented truly awful jobs people do — like “Road Kill Cleaner” or “Zoo Cage Cleaner.”  Jobs that usually involve excrement, dirt, sweat, terrible heat or freezing cold; a job that offers no respect and…

“A Walk on Water” comes to OC on November 7


Most readers know one of my favorite OC charities is Anaheim’s Eli Home which helps battered families.  I also support the good work of the Irvine Public Schools Foundation for what they do to make up for budget shortfalls for the schools that serve Irvine’s school children (a.k.a. the fund that makes up for what…