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Tea Party Candidate Lynn Schott’s Misleading Campaign Platform Promotes Old Register Endorsement as New

Tea Bagger/Tea Party Republican Lynn Schott thinks the third time is a charm; she’s launched her third bid for Irvine City Council with a platform that calls for some interesting projects — namely a convention center in Irvine at the great Park no less– with no plans on how it will be financed, but she’s deliberately lying to voters with a misleading line that she’s been endorsed by the Orange County Register.

The Mauk-aganda Continues

County workers have been subjected to a steady stream of propaganda from CEO tom Mauk, Board Chair Pat Bates, and Department executive managers. These memos, while cleverly disguised as informative, are little more than Maukaganda forced down the throats of county workers. The workers are getting so disgusted over this crap that they are resorting…