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DHS will monitor Immigrant Social Media Feeds — for Naturalized Citizens and Legal Residents

A new rule in the federal register indicates that the Department of Homeland Security intends to keep a number of records on all immigrants, besides that which they already keep, most notably all social media handles.  Even those for Naturalized citizens and legal residents. From Engadget: However, the DHS is also adding new categories to official…

DHS will Help States Make Sure Elections Can’t be Hacked

Last Sunday’s New York Times review section dismissed GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s contention that the election would be rigged if he didn’t win, but correctly noted results are subject to hackers. Voting machines, especially those connected to the Internet, fall under a category of products called the Internet of Things (IoT); if you have…

Orange County to receive more than $12.7 million in Homeland Security Grants

“At a time when budget shortfalls and staff cuts have stretched resources for local law enforcement, UASI grants have been a real lifeline for our county,” said Rep. Sanchez. “Nothing could be more important than protecting Orange County families against potential terrorist threats. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that our county will be receiving over $12.7 million to help secure our community.”