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Veterans Beware; Anthony Kuo Throws His Hat in the Ring for Irvine City Council

Irvine Planning Commission Anthony Kuo

Anthony Kuo, an Irvine Planning Commissioner who in the last election cycle suggested to Irvine’s Great Park neighbors who are Chinese immigrants that the Veteran’s Cemetery and Memorial would be done in through the Planning Commission, has decided to run for City Council.  He’s a Republican who lacks the vision for the city that his current…

Hot Time at Anaheim City Hall Tuesday Night

Anaheim Seal

It wasn’t very pretty Tuesday night for the three members of the Anaheim City Council who voted to give away $158 million in future bed tax revenues to the developers of two hotels in the troubled Garden Walk district. A couple hundred residents showed up to express their displeasure over the decision…

City Hall Insiders Funding Smear Campaign on Amezcua

These developers want to continue to have a carte blanche with money that should be used for our streets, parks and public safety, not to enrich a bunch of South Orange County developers and trash barons. They know if Amezcua is elected, he will turn this city back over to the residents and they cannot have that. Spread the word and know these hit pieces are untrue and nothing more than a move of desperation by developers who want to screw the residents of Santa Ana.