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Huge Crowds for Obama in Denver

More than 100,000 people gathered at the Colorado State Capitol in Denver today to see Barack Obama speak. For the McCain campaign, 3,000 is a large crowd. Not so much for Obama. Later this evening, Obama drew another 50,000 people at Colorado State University.

Day 4, Change We Can Believe In: The Grand Finale

Are you as thrilled as I am to see our next President make history? I’m currently at a Democratic house party in Fountain Valley, where we’re all watching the Democratic Convention together. We’re all cheering on the real Americans speaking up for change now. So many people have suffered under Bush & Cheney, and we’re…

Some Special OC Democrats in Denver This Week

Here are some familiar local faces in Denver this week: [Debbie] Cook, who is contesting Rep. Dana Rohrabacher’s 46th District seat, says the atmosphere is intense. “There’s a lot of excitement and anticipation here,” Cook said. She watched Hillary Clinton’s speech Tuesday night at a viewing party at the convention center, and she thought it…

Open Thread, Day 3: Securing America’s Future

So are you ready for some real action? I am! Our 42nd President, Bill Clinton, will be speaking tonight. Our next Vice President, Joe Biden, will also be speaking. And of course, we’ll have many more wonderful Democrats speak tonight. So who are you looking forward to hearing tonight? Tell us all about it. Talk…

Obama Unanimously Nominated

BREAKING NEWS On a motion from New York Senator Hillary Clinton, the onvention delegates suspended the roll call vote and unanimously nominated Barack Obama to be the next President of the United States.