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Mickadeit’s Irvine Slogan Contest

OC Register columnist Frank Mickadeit has decided to have some fun with a city slogan contest offered by the City of Irvine.  Since Frank is practically underwear buddies with the city’s Republican leadership and those who pledge allegiance to the Lincoln Club, he decided to take a few potshots at Irvine. Go ahead Frank. We…

Another Democrat with a Spine

The budget crisis in Wisconsin has been fascinating to watch.  One Democrat not afraid to speak his voice is Rep. Gordon Hintz. Please watch the YouTube video above.  And it bears noting, aren’t the Republicans in the Wisconisin legislature guilty of not reading the bill and trying to ram through legislation?

Rep. Sanchez’s Reaction to the SOTU

Rep. Loretta Sanchez offered her insights into tonight’s State of the Union address by President Obama.  In this exclusive statement to TheLiberalOC, Sanchez said, “It (the speech) was long and somber and in some ways very detailed.  It was a tough speech.  It’s a tough speech to give.” “The president made the case for bi-partisanship tonight,” said…

Congressional Democrats Must Make Republicans Own Tax Cuts for Millionaires

President Obama- Costa Mesa 3/16/09

Fine, let them have there deal. But the price should be that they have to come up with the majority of votes to pass the legislation. The progressives in the House and Senate need to hold firm and vote no on the deal. That way the only one caving will be the President. Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, need to have the spine to stand up and say, loud and clear, we will not increase the federal deficit and debt to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.

It Actually May Not Be So Bad

Or it could be worse. But hear me out. The House. Incoming committee chairs are so polluted by donations from the companies/industries they affect/oversee/regulate that legislation originating in the House will likely be as besotted as the new chairs. John Boehner, by all accounts, built his reputation on pragmatic compromise.

Call Ten People

If you read local political blogs like this, you’re probably passionate and informed about what goes on in your community. Since a lot of people will be marking their sample ballot or mail-in ballot this weekend, there’s something simple you can do to make a difference. Pick one or two contests you especially care about.…