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New DPOC piece for Umberg

Another piece for Umberg from the OC Dems. It’s an oversized piece, 9″ x 14″. I was a bit surprised to see Jose Solorio’s face on this mailer since Solorio hasn’t officially endorsed Umberg. [PDF version of this mailer]

GOTV for Tom Umberg

Join the hundreds of volunteers already supporting Tom Umberg for 1st District Supervisor. Now is the time for the final push to Get out the Vote  for Tom Umberg. ANY DAY OF THE WEEK between now and the February 6 election: Democratic Party headquarters Monday through Friday: 10:30am – 12:30pm & 5:30pm – 8:30pm Saturday…

Join OC Democrats at Anaheim Hilton TONIGHT!

This just in from Frank Barbaro, Chair of the Orange County Democratic Party. Hope to see you there! Tonight, the Democratic Party welcomes you to get involved and learn more about the work we’re doing here in Orange County. The last several months have brought great progress to our local party. We now have three…

UNITY! The other campaign fuel.

There has been a lot of buzz, and even a little bit of Republican grumbling about the speed at which the Democratic Party of Orange County and organized labor have managed to unify their efforts behind a single candidate, Tom Umberg, in the First District Board of Supervisor’s Special Election on February 6th. Filing for…

STUMP THE VOTE! (part 2)

Continuing from where I left off yesterday in part 1. The voting problems that occurred in Orange County did not go unreported. Early in the day as problems were discovered the Registrar seemed to respond positively to reports from the Democratic Party of Orange County. That was the morning; the afternoon and evening were a…

Gustavo is a God!!!

Over on the OC Weekly’s Blotter Gustavo Arellano has a great post about Tan Nguyen and how he still cannot follow election laws. Click on: The 100 Foot Penis Rule