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So much for rumors of division among OC Democrats

Poor Matt Cunningham a.k.a. Jubal on Red County/OC Blog.  He was really feeling smug about 24 hours ago with his scoop about how Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez had allegedly killed a major fundraising event for the Democratic Party of Orange County. Seems Matt’s anonymous source sent him digging for a bone of a story that just…

Mike Levin leaves OC

I just got this email from Mike Levin, the Executive Director of the Orange County Democratic Party: Over the past few months, I have been exploring a variety of opportunities in the world of clean technology, a sector that is rapidly reshaping our economy and improving our environment. In June, I will be moving to…

Defining the New Direction

Event Alert!!! Orange County Democrats, you are invited to “Defining the New Direction: Orange County Democrats Voice Their Views on the War in Iraq.” This is a countywide forum organized by Dr. Richard Lara and hosted by the Laguna Woods Democratic Club. (A free ticket/flyer is available by clicking “Handouts” at: http://occonline.occ.cccd.edu/online/rlara Then click on…

“The Next Leaders”

This video was just released from the DPOC. So much for the theory that we didn’t do any outreach to the Vietnamese community and others. [ev type="youtube" data="7OjJGlkAgvs"][/ev]

New DPOC piece for Umberg

Another piece for Umberg from the OC Dems. It’s an oversized piece, 9″ x 14″. I was a bit surprised to see Jose Solorio’s face on this mailer since Solorio hasn’t officially endorsed Umberg. [PDF version of this mailer]