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Today is California Primary Election Day


Whatever you do today, don’t let the projections of record low voter turnout discourage you from voting. The top-two primary election is extremely important. The decisions made today by less than 30% of registered voters will decide your choices in November for legislative elections.

Melissa Fox and Esiquio Uballe Win DFA California All Star Awards

DFA endorsements have always been driven by our members on the ground across the country — that’s what makes Democracy for America the country’s only people-powered PAC. But the California All-Star endorsement is different because it’s chosen entirely by DFA members in California. DFA’s California All-Stars are Esiquio Uballe and Melissa Fox.

CA-42:DFA-Orange County Endorses Ron Shepston

Congrats to Ron Shepston! It looks to me like he got another big endorsement recently with DFA-Orange County. Good for him, and hopefully this means OC progressives will get more active in taking back the 42nd. Democracy for America-OC Endorses Shepston Organization founded by Democratic Party Chairman Dean support Ron Shepston as their choice for…

Don’t Miss This Special DFA 2008 Endorsement Meeting!

This just in from DFA-Orange County! The next DFA meeting is this Wednesday, and this is something you won’t want to miss. This will be a special endorsement meeting, with candidates from all over OC coming to ask for our support. So please, come on over and let your voice be heard! Democracy for America…

DFA Training Academy

I just received my confirmation email regarding the DFA training that Gary (Husband and Democrat running for the California State Senate in the 33rd district) and I are going to attend this weekend in San Diego.  From many of the people we’ve both spoken to, this is a must for anyone who wants to be involved in…