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Post Debate Moose Dressing

Join the Drinking Liberally gang at Memphis in Santa Ana (201 N. Broadway) at 8:30 tonight for our regular weekly gathering. This week, in addition to discussion of why it took so long for Tan Nguyen to be indicted we will conduct our post-VP Debate Moose Dressing training. This should be fun! 🙂    

The VP Debate

While the Republicans are doing their best to lower expectations of Sarah Palin’s performance in the next debate, we want to point out that — on issues she knows well — she’s a skilled debater. She knows Alaska politics and does a good job in debates on that as this YouTube video shows. [youtube]y1-B-OyQ-KI[/youtube] So…

Thoughts on the Last Debate and the Next One

I read over Matt Cunningham’s analysis at his Guns and Rosaries site, and Matt references some of the missed opportunities by McCain.  I have the same perspective about some of Obama’s missed opportunities (reminding Senator McCain that he voted for the Bears DNA study for example). But Matt seems to take issue with Obama’s comments…

CA-46: So Dana Now Wants to Debate?

“It is not surprising that Dana Rohrabacher has chosen to bring Washington politics back home and try to mislead people about these debates,” said Kevin Thurman, Cook’s Campaign Manager. “We have never turned down a debate or forum with Congressman Rohrabacher. We ask that his campaign respond to our letter asking for three debates.” Apparently,…