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Screaming at Mimi; Protests at Rep. Walters Office on Extreme Vetting and Healthcare

Rep. Mimi Walters (CD-45) might want to put more chairs out in her Orange County offices because protesters are going to be showing up on a regular basis. The next such appointment is Tuesday afternoon (1/31) with constituents very upset about the Congresswoman’s support of President Trump’s illegal and unconstitutional ban on Immigrants and Refugees…

Van Tran, a NRCC Contender without the right stuff.

For a small “g” government Republican Van Tran sure puts an interesting spin on things. He tries to paint Congresswoman Sanchez as an ineffective member of Congress while ignoring his own dismal record of doing absolutely nothing for his Assembly district. Even on his own campaign website Van Tran cannot point to one single accomplishment that he can be credited with for his time in the Assembly.