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Pride Flag Resolution Passes DPOC

I’m getting better at this Party Resolution thing.  My second resolution called on the city of Anaheim to honor the promise the city council made in June 2016 to fly the Gay Pride flag on Harvey Milk Day (May 22) through the end of Pride Month (June) which the city failed to do this year…

Happy Birthday Dan!

Just a quick note here to wish my “Partner in Blog” Dan Chmielewski a Happy 52nd Birthday. Even with a successful public relations firm to run, a family to support, and an obsession with all things Comic-con; Dan still has had time to help manage and write for this publication the past seven years. Dan…

Pardon Me For Talking While You’re Interrupting

TheLiberalOC’s Managing Editor Dan Chmielewski was on Real Orange last facing off against conservatives Rick Reiff and Michael Capaldi. I got the feeling after watching the segment that Reiff and Capaldi weren’t expecting Dan to be prepared or as on target in his dismantling of their right-wing arguments.

Happy Birthday Dan!

It’s that time of year again where I get the distinct pleasure of reminding my LiberalOC colleague, Managing Editor Dan Chmielewski, that he is older than me. Even if only by two and a half months I am always conscious during our frequent debates, over how liberal or conservative we should be, that I should respect my elders. I rarely pay attention to that rule, except for on his birthday.

Two Years and Still Thankful

While November 24 is the actual anniversary, it was two years ago Monday that I made the decision to have gastric bypass surgery. Two years later, I’m down a total of 160 pounds. I had lost a total of 170 by May but I had some minor surgery this summer that preventing me from working out so I actually put on a few pounds. The weight has stablized and now I’m in maintenance mode. Still, the gastric bypass surgery has been a positive development and one I’m thankful I chose.