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Still $40,000 in Debt, Chuck DeVore Plans 2012 Run

Has it been two weeks since Chuck DeVore left office?  I hadn’t thought about it until I got an email from new Assemblyman Don Wagner on his swearing in ceremony (more on that in a bit).  But Chuck can’t wait until 2012 and the LA Times is reporting he is already planning to run but…

Purity Has Its Place

President Obama surprised some and disappointed others with the tax deal he cut. Ideological purists are up in arms, saying he capitulated yet again. Pragmatists are impressed that he hoodwinked Republicans. One could argue that both perspectives are true.

Don’t Ask, Dont Tell Repeal Passes in House of Representatives

In a 234 – 194 vote, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a $700 billion defense department spending authorization bill which includes a provision for repeal of the ban on gays and lesbians serving in the military. The approval, followed inclusion of the same provision in the Senate version of the bill by the Senate Armed Services Committee. The fight now moves on to the full Senate.