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The Ellis Camp Argument

After a brief email exchange over the weekend, I have invited Brian Hitchcock, a Kimberly Ellis supporter, to offer his argument on behalf of Ellis for CDP chair.  This is offered without commentary and it’s a letter from the Ellis campaign and it’s a cut-and-pasted Word file so I hope all the charts hold up:…

Ellis CDP Election Appeal Expected to be Filed Today: Updated-Ellis Offers Arbitration?!?

An update:  Ellis issued a press release yesterday offering to settle this “disputed” election via arbitration.  Here’s the press release from her social media feed: OAKLAND, Calif. (August 8, 2017): The Kimberly Ellis campaign has submitted its appeal to the Compliance Review Commission’s (CRC) July 26th ruling and offers binding arbitration as a mechanism to…

OC News: Morning Edition

Here are some of the stories we’re following today. OCR: Put officers on leave, councilwoman demands – Fullerton Councilwoman Sharon Quirk-Silva is insisting that officers involved in an incident that resulted in a homeless man’s death be put on administrative leave.