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Senator Joe Dunn (ret.) to OC Board of Supervisors: Adopt Lobbying Reforms!

After the Orange County Board of Supervisors failed to agendize proposed reforms requiring lobbyists to register and report on their activities to influence county government on matters of public interest, Senator Joe Dunn (ret.) spoke during Public Comments, noting he filed a notice to circulate a petition before the voters. Confident taxpayers want County government to operate with transparency and accountability, Dunn plans to lead an effort to gather the nearly 73,000 signatures required to place the reforms on the November 2010 ballot.

County IT Spending Like Drunken Sailors On No Bid Contracts

The practice of contracting out millions of dollars to outside companies and then failing to monitor their progress has been an ongoing problem, particularly with the County IT department. Now it looks like these guys have been monkeying around with the contracts process. I wonder if the Board will actually do anything to curb this behavior.

Lawsuit Abuse Report Misses Easy Target

Today the OCRegister Watchdog reports on the release of a study from Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse regarding the impact of frivolous litigation on the taxpayers. The group complains that people see cities and counties as deep pockets the can be sued and that costs taxpayers millions of dollars every year that cold be used to…

Governor Signs Correa Orange County Hybrid Retirement Plan

The following press release came out from Senator Correa’s office today: SACRAMENTO, CA — Governor Schwarzenegger has responded to calls for pension reform by signing into law a measure authored by Senator Lou Correa (Orange County) that could well serve as a template throughout California. Senate Bill 752 enacts a reform in pension law that…

County Managers will still get their raises

The Orange County Register’s Jennifer Muir reported yesterday (Managers will get pay raises — eventually) that the Orange County Manager’s Association and County negotiators (also managers)  agreed to formalize their agreement to postpone their scheduled pay increases, but not give them up all together. Looks like Tom Mauk was only blustering when he was touting for the…