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Phat Bui Issues Statement on County Halting Payments for Do Flyers

Hot off the press: Garden Grove City Councilmember and candidate for the 1st Supervisorial District, Phat Bui, Issues Statement about County Auditor Controller Eric Woolery’s Decision to Halt Payments on Mailers for Andrew Do “I applaud County Auditor Controller Eric Woolery’s decision to halt payments on several mass mailers sent by Supervisor including Andrew Do…

County and OCEA Reach Agreement on New Contract

Orange County Supervisors have scheduled a special meeting for Friday, December 18, at 8:30 a.m. to allow for public comment on details of a proposed tentative agreement with the membership of the Orange County Employees Association for a new contract that would extend to June 30, 2018. The proposed tentative agreement is posted for public…

Meltdown in Millville: The Lies and Hypocrisy of Sean Mill

Usually, Santa Ana Planning Commission meetings are boring events.  Permits are debated and approved, commissioners wrap the meetings with non controversial commentary and the meeting is adjourned.  Except for last week’s meeting when acting chair Sean H. Mill used his time for commissioner communications to launch a series of comments that included bouts of paranoia,…

Protection Racket: Supervisor Bates pulls former assistant Probolsky back into her nest

On July 1, Voice of OC reported that Supervisor Bates’ former executive assistant Brian Probolsky, a manager with OC Community Resources department and also an elected member of the Moulton Niguel Water District – has come under fire because his time cards rarely show time off on days he’s attending water district meetings. Now, less than a month after this revelation, Bates has brought Probolsky back under her wing of protection.

Moorlach’s outsourcing initiative proposal dies

At Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting the proposal by lame-duck (chicken) Supervisor John Moorlach to place a ballot measure before the voters to authorize the Board to outsource county jobs on a whim failed to gain the needed support. Moorlach’s proposal received a second from Board Chairman Supervisor Shawn Nelson, but no support from the remaining members of the Board.