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Jesus Christ or Ayn Rand: Pick One, Conservatives

Congressman John Campbell is a fan of fiction author Ayn Rand, but he views on limited government and Libertarianism are completely opposite of Jesus Chris.  Too often , conservatives wear their faith on their sleeve while coveting values that run completely opposite of Christ’s teachings. There’s a terrific article

Occupy Protests Cost Irvine Taxpayers $30,000

The Orange County Register is reporting that the Occupy OC protests from last fall and early winter cost the city about $30,000 — about half in legal fees.  That’s really a drop in the bucket for Irvine which has a healthly budget reserve and money well spent to support freedom of speech that was approved…

They Said It

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGVaEGgSNV8&feature=related[/youtube] New reader Alan Travis has become my new editor, catching every typographical and grammatical error, and for that I thank him.  And his criticisms of my work are usually punctuated with the typical anti-liberal hooey (did I spell that right Alan?). Since Alan is a defender of all things conservative, I’ve decided to let…

Rolling Stone Magazine: GOP’s Crackpot Agenda


Rolling Stone Magazine’s political coverage has been sharp and detailed in its reporting, a far cry from the brilliant yet gonzo journalism style employed by the late Hunter S. Thompson, but this piece in the Magazine’s year end review details how the Republican party platform for the 2012 presidential race isn’t all that different from candidate to candidate.

RIP: The Fairness Doctrine

The FCC yesteday effectively killed the Fairness Doctrine, which had been effectively deregulated since the Reagan Administration, along with about 80 other rules affecting broadcast communication that the Obama Administration considers “out of date.” I believe this is a mistake. Mass media have evolved into multiple sources of media from a host of new satellite…

Psychology Today: Liberals are Smarter

We can’t say we’re surprised but according to an article in the journal Psychology Today, Liberals are smarter than Conservatives (no separate testing was done for Tea Party members). Now I’m certain this article is going to raise the hackles of those on the right, but read the story to conclusion and then make a…