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Rare Sign of OC Bipartisanship on Pension Reform

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez - Photo: Chris Prevatt

In the first week of the 113th Congress, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (CA-46) re-introduced legislation to allow for the implementation of an employee pension plan that will address the rising costs of government pensions in Orange County, a growing problem that many local governments are facing across the country.

Forget Birthers; Romney “Wifers” Debate Begins

When the birther movement started, a lot of liberals were like “huh?” And no matter what manner of evidence emerges, birthers still believe that President Obama is a Kenyan born Muslim who worshipped for 20 years at a church run by a racist and America hating minister when he wasn’t getting lessons in domestic terrorism…

John Campbell’s War on Christmas and Speaking to Power

Seems a group of UCI students called to schedule and got an appointment at Campbell’s District office in Newport Beach to express their opinions regarding specific legislation before the Congress. Unfortunately, they were met by Irvine Company security guards who prevented them from gaining access to the Congressman’s office suite which is located in an office building owned by the Irvine Company.

Campbell’s lies about the House Health Care Reform bill

The OCRegister published Congressman John Campbell’s OP-ED full of lies about the House Health Care Reform bill today. I wonder if they will print a fact check? Odds are, they won’t bother. To start Campbell claims: This bill is 2,032 pages of a pure and unadulterated government takeover of health care. The total package would cost…

What we get when we elect Used Car Salesmen to Congress

Saw this story by Dena Bunis over at the OC Register about our resident Used Car Salesman (former), Congressman John Campbell. Consumer groups blast Rep. Campbell’s car dealer exemption With Rep. John Campbell’s amendment to exempt car dealers from the proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency due to be voted on in committee this morning, consumer…

Health Insurance Reform: What’s At Stake

On Wednesday the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Urban Institute released a study, “The Cost of Failure to Enact Health Reform: Implications for States,” underscoring the urgent need for reform and why inaction is not an option for Americans.   Data for each state are in the study. Without health insurance reform, within 10 years,…