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Crazy Dana will meet with anyone but those he represents

TheLiberalOC welcomes a new contributor to this site.  Jeff Pearlman, an author of several sports books and a former Sports Illustrated writer and ESPN.com columnist and the author of five New York Times’ best-sellers. My latest book, “Gunslinger,” is a biography of former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre that came out in October 2016.  He’s…

Cowards at Mimi Walters Office Closed Shop Early

This photo says it all; 400 people went to Congresswoman Mimi Walter’s Irvine office this afternoon.  Doors locked.  Staff gone.  Cowards….. an Update:  Here’s TV coverage of the protests and Mimi wasn’t the only Congressional rep in OC to shutter offices Tuesday;  Rep. Dana Rohrabacher closed his office early as well. Photo credit to Robert Goldberg.

Surprising Guests at RNC Voyeur Night Club Young Eagles Outing

The RNC Young Eagles “Art Tour” at a bondage-themed West Hollywood night club which featured simulated lesbian sex acts is a gift that just keep on giving. TheLiberalOC has learned that Mr. Erik Brown, a Republican campaign consultant, has had a much more extensive relationship with California GOP Senate hopeful Chuck DeVore than he want’s us to…

Congressman Rohrabacher can’t seem to follow the rules

So what’s wrong with this invitation? The email uses the same banner as his official website, including the photos and Congressional Seal. None of these materials may be used for political purposes. Further down in the actual email, you will find a direct link to the official website. Clearly the disclaimer that the invitation is not printed at government expense requires a bit of creative liscense. The banner and photos on Rohrabacher’s official website were most certainly paid for with government funds.