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Van Tran Misses Key Education Vote

(From the Loratta Sanchez campaign.) Leaves Community Colleges Hoping to Transfer to UC System High and Dry SANTA ANA, CA – Last week, CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bill 1440, the Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act (STAR Act), into law. The STAR Act has been hailed by education advocates for providing a clear path…

Students Support Torrico’s Fair Share for Fair Tuition Bill

In this video two Orange County student activists Ethan Matsuda and Jackie Rodarte advocate for the passage of AB 656, Alberto Torrico’s Fair Share for Fair Tuition bill. AB 656 will help reverse the skyrocketing fees and tuition at our UC, CSU and community college campuses. While California is struggling with record deficits and education funding is being gutted, big oil is enjoying historic profits. But California is the only major oil producing state in the country that doesn’t charge big oil their fair share.

California Community Colleges need to improve transfer rates to universities

“When courses do not transfer from a community college to a four-year institution, students lose valuable time and taxpayers waste a lot of money,” said Chancellor Jack Scott. “Improving how colleges and universities prepare students for transfer is a cost effective strategy for increasing graduation rates. My advice to cash strapped states is to invest a small amount of resources into developing common transfer agreements.

Gavin Newsom Sits Down With TheLiberalOC

I had the opportunity to sit down with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom Tuesday afternoon  in the offices of the Orange County Labor Federation prior to his town hall meeting at Santa Ana College. Newsom is running for Governor and has conducted town hall meetings across the state talking to voters, introducing himself and his goals…

What if the University of California shut down?

What would happen if the entire University of California shut down? There would be 262,845 students without a college to attend. That’s a quarter of a million students who no longer have the grasp of higher education within their reach. This number represents the amount of actual students that may be turned down by California…