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Santa Ana Special Meeting for Performance Reviews – What’s Up With That?

At about 1:20 pm Wednesday afternoon the Santa Ana City Clerk released a notice of a special meeting of the Santa Ana City Council, scheduled for 1:15 pm on Thursday, December 27th. The “Special Meeting” has only two closed session items on the agenda; Performance Evaluations for the City Manager and City Attorney. From what we can tell, there are no scheduled evaluations for either position…

Questions Still Loom Regarding Santa Ana City Manager Search

I’m left with a simple question, how does the council get from the discussion of the employment and appointment of the City Attorney and City Manager to a discussion of the term of the Interim City Manager? How could anyone have known that the Council would be discussing the Interim City Manager’s possible length of time in that role based upon the agenda description?

Shawn Nelson is no hero!

And another Orange County Register Editorial distorts the truth, again. In a Sunday Editorial The Orange County Register tries to paint Fullerton City Councilman Shawn Nelson as a hero for revealing confidential discussions from closed session meetings of the Fullerton City Council regarding contract negotiations with city employees. Not only is Mr. Nelson not a…