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Shawn Nelson: 8-25-09 “Sue my city please.”

In August 2009 Shawn Nelson tells the Board of Supervisors that they have the obligation to sue the City of Fullerton to block the redevelopment expansion and not accept the payoff that the city has offered. Now there is nothing wrong with a member of a city council disagreeing with the majority vote of his council. It is however wrong for any elected official to encourage another government entity to sue the one he represents as a member of the City Council.

Chris Norby: Opportunist or Revolutionary?

We are a week away from the November 17th Special Election Primary to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of disgraced Republican Assemblyman Mike Duvall. It seems to be a forgone conclusion among Orange County’s political pundits that Chris Norby is the front runner in this race. Whether or not he garners the 50%…

Fullerton Councilmember Keller Spanks Nelson

Here is the video link to the Fullerton City Council Meeting from Tuesday, August 19, 2008. The Register’s Orange Punch and Red County/OC Blog have written on this topic today. Both blogs have misrepresented the comments of Fullerton Councilmember Keller as an enemy of open government. That could not be further from the truth. I suggest…

Will Shawn Nelson Get Spanked Tonight

The Fullerton City Council has placed on its agenda for tonight’s meeting a discussion of collective bargening and Brown Act rules. The discussion is being held because Councilman Shawn Nelson apparently violated those rules relating to the negotiation of employee contract agreements. The Register has speculated that Nelson will be censured for his conduct. Fullerton…