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Blind Faith – CA Budget Bill Makes Records Disclosure Voluntary

The investigative reporting that exposed the government impropriety on the part of the officials of the City of Bell would not be possible if legislation passed as part of the state budget is signed into law. Because these laws place a mandated cost on to local entities, legislators and the governor, are trying to prevent local agencies from demanding reimbursement from the state for their compliance by making all of its provisions voluntary.

Claudia’s 4th Term Questions Cost Santa Ana $8,444.73

Claudia Alvarez

Santa Ana spent $8,444.73 on an outside legal opinion on whether Councilwoman Alvarez could run for an additional Council term due to approval of Meadure D in 2007. But even with the invoice it seems that City Attorney Joe Straka has something he wants to hide, in addition to the conclusions of the report.

What a difference 5 months makes

  I’m still trying to weigh Tustin Mayor Jerry Amante’s comments on soon-to-be-displaced Tustin City Manager David Biggs hire last fall with his actions at Tuesday night’s council meeting when Amante used his 3-2 margin to opt to terminate someone who by all accounts was exceptional for the job.  Here’s the press release announcing Biggs’…

The Best Holiday Card of the Year

  Laer Pearce, who heads up Laer Pearce & Associates, is a conservative I enjoy debating.  We travel in the same professional circles and he’s a well-respected communications professional and a thoughtful (through often wrong) conservative.  Our virtual conversations are punctuated with a lot of humor and Laer is never one to be mean-spirited. Did…