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Interim Costa Mesa Police Chief Abruptly Resigns

“It is safe to say that the council majority – does not know more about the subject of leadership, or leading police departments or serving as an elected than do I – and yet they do not listen, they do not understand and continue to blunder along in complete ignorance and incompetence. — Interim Chief Steve Stavley”

What a difference 5 months makes

  I’m still trying to weigh Tustin Mayor Jerry Amante’s comments on soon-to-be-displaced Tustin City Manager David Biggs hire last fall with his actions at Tuesday night’s council meeting when Amante used his 3-2 margin to opt to terminate someone who by all accounts was exceptional for the job.  Here’s the press release announcing Biggs’…

QuachGate: The Misdemeanor Complaint

TheLiberalOC requested the police report for Andy Quach’s accident and arrest from the District Attorney. Apparently, police reports are not public record, and can only be given to those involved. However, they were kind enough to send us over the actual criminal (misdemeanor) complaint that was filed by the D.A.

Garden Grove’s Term Limit Initiative Only 35 Votes Shy of Passage

Three Close Races in Central Orange County Still Undecided For voters in Garden Grove, the election is apparently not quite over yet. Initiative Q, which would reduce the amount of time which a termed-out council person would have to wait before they could run for city office again to two years. Currently, a termed-out mayor…