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The New Watergate?

Not even ONE WEEK after the Republican Supreme Court overturned Watergate era campaign finance laws, there has already been a Republican linked Watergate scandal. Self-proclaimed ACORN harasser James O’Keefe was arrested YESTERDAY, along with three other conservative activists of trying to wiretap the phones of Democratic Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu.

Shout the Good News! Rick Warren’s Conversion

When accessing the political apologetics of evangelicals, it is tempting to deal with them on their own terms and question whether their contrition is perfect and sincere enough to remove the stain that their sins have placed on their souls. In Christian terms, forgiveness for sin requires a deep and sincere change of heart accompanied…

Redistribute Wealth! Because the Bible tells you so.

John McCain and Sarah Palin have been hammering away at Barack Obama, accusing him of being a Socialist. Sister Sarah was brought onto the ticket with McCain to energize and mobilize the evangelical Christian right to support a McCain presidency. So isn’t it a little intellectually dishonest for an evangelical Christian to attack a basic…