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Mud Starts to Fly in CD-46


Now that February has begun and the DPOC pre-convention caucus meeting is over, the first official mudball in the race to replace Loretta Sanchez in Congress has been thrown.  But first the caucus results:  Lou Correa edged Joe Dunn 17-15 with 9 no endorsement votes and not a single endorsement cast for Bao Nguyen, who was…

Chandra Wallar Says No Thanks to OC Dysfunction


After the Orange County Board of Supervisors demonstrated on Tuesday that they could not make a motion, much less a decision, on a salary to offer their choice for CEO, their Second choice for the job, Santa Barbara CEO Chandra Wallar sent the Board a letter telling them no thanks.

I’ll take this job for…

Yesterday we learned an interesting detail about how the “Negotiators” on the Orange County Board of Supervisors go about hiring a new CEO. Rumors have been floating around the Hall of Administration that the new CEO would be paid enough to offset the amount that they must pay to cover their share of their pension benefits.

Hiring A CEO: A Lesson in Transparency?


Today the Orange County Board of Supervisors will be discussing both the compensation for their new CEO and the appointment of that CEO, the latter in closed session. With all of the kerfuffle over the severance package and compensation that former CEO Tom Mauk received, one might think the Board of Supervisors would not try to ram anything through at the last minute.

County Managers will still get their raises

The Orange County Register’s Jennifer Muir reported yesterday (Managers will get pay raises — eventually) that the Orange County Manager’s Association and County negotiators (also managers)  agreed to formalize their agreement to postpone their scheduled pay increases, but not give them up all together. Looks like Tom Mauk was only blustering when he was touting for the…

You’ve Been Mauked!

Came accross this story on Total Buzz this morning. To paraphrase Mel Brooks, “It’s good to be the King!” County CEO hogs two parking spaces, raises workers’ ire by NORBERTO SANTANA JR. Ever drive to the local mall, or workplace, and find that someone driving an expensive SUV resembling a Star Wars battle cruiser has taken…