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Irvine City Council Repeals Living Wage; Schott and Shea Defend Decision as Adhering to Christian Values

Jeff Lalloway and Christina Shea with Irvine Mayor Steven Choi-2014

As expected, the Irvine City Council’s Republican majority repealed the City’s nation-leading and longstanding Living Wage ordinance at Tuesday’s meeting.  Speaker after speaker, including two pastors, begged the council to keep the existing policy in place to no avail.  The Living Wage ordinance was repealed on a straight party line vote 3-1 (with Mayor Pro…

Don’t Just Blame Bush; Blame the GOP

I get a lot of grief from my Republican friends who chide me for “blaming Bush” for the troubled state of our economy when they want to pin it all on President Obama.  Well, I don’t just “blame Bush,” I blame the Republicans for policies passed when they were in charge for most of last…