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Are Prostitutes Being “Sold” in OC on Backpage.com

Sunday’s New York Times opinion section carried this column by Nicholas Kristof about Backpage.com, an online classified ad site run by Village Voice Media which owns the OC Weekly.  It’s a powerful column where the writer captures the story of a young woman sold into sexual bondage by pimps in New York City where her…

Rhode Island Bishop Denies Communion to Rep. Patrick Kennedy

Interesting position taken by Bishop Tobin of Rhode Island.  Because Patrick Kennedy is upholding the law, he is being denied communion by the Catholic Church.  Chris Matthews does a pretty decent job here of straddling the fence between respectful disagreement and putting Bishop Thomas Tobin on the spot.  I wonder if the Bishop supports the ability of all those Cardinals, Bishops and Msngrs in nthe church who were aware of child sex abuse going on but did nothing to protect the kids.  Would they deny communion to Republican lawmakers who voted for an illegal or unjust war in Iraq or advocated techniques of torture.

‘Gay Marriage’ Challenges Christianity’s Credibility

The following was written by a friend, Karen Ocamb. She’s a brilliant journalist and posted this on her blog, LGBT POV, yesterday. It is presented here with her permission. There’s an old saying: “The Devil screams the loudest just before leaving the room.” After last night’s devastating loss of marriage equality in Maine 52.84% –…