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AG Kamala Harris Took Contributions from Donald Trump; No California Investigation of Trump University

Hot off the press from the Sanchez for Senate campaign:   Kamala Harris Takes Donald Trump Campaign Contributions During Federal Lawsuit Against Trump University; Remains Silent on Trump University for six years Orange, CA – Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez issued the following statement today after the New York Times and San Jose Mercury News/Bay Area Newspapers…

Solorio attacks Nguyen over tainted campaign contributors

On Monday, Community College District trustee Jose Solorio challenged his opponent for State Senate, Supervisor Janet Nguyen, to “return contributions with connections to possible corrupt activities.” Solorio’s call for the return of contributions follows a report in OC Weekly, “Little Saigon Politicians Linked To Alleged Police-Tied Loan Sharking Operation.”

Follow the Proposition Money

The California Voter Foundation has created a “Follow the Money” guide to November’s propositions. You can see the top 5 contributors, pro and con, to each ballot measure by going to their November 2010 General Election Guide and clicking on each Proposition number. Select “Follow the Money/Top 5 Donors” to see who are the major…

Santa Ana’s Joe Fletcher and the Gang That Can’t Get Their Conflicts Straight

The City attorney (Joseph Fletcher) spread the Selective Conflict Disorder virus when he infected the city council by advising that it was okay to vote on projects benefiting developers who have given them money because, get this, the Supreme Court has ruled that campaign contributions are free speech. He also infected the council with the understanding that the only people and businesses directly effected by votes moving a development project forward such as the actual developer or applicant applies to the law.

More improper votes and campaign bucks for Michele Martinez and Sal Tinajero

The City Council of Santa Ana (Baby Bell) has called a special meeting for this evening to discuss the problems that have developed from the revelation of improper campaign contributions and improper votes taken by Council members Michele Martinez and Sal Tinajero related to the Station District project. Well the swamp is getting deeper for these two as more improper votes do large contributions are revealed.