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Purity Has Its Place

President Obama surprised some and disappointed others with the tax deal he cut. Ideological purists are up in arms, saying he capitulated yet again. Pragmatists are impressed that he hoodwinked Republicans. One could argue that both perspectives are true.

CA44: Hedrick closes gap by 1049 votes

More updates on ballot counting in OC.. We are down to mostly Provisional ballots at this point. Counting of Provisionals for Garden Grove begin at 2 pm today, and Hedrick’s race against Calvert either Friday or Saturday. In the Hedrick/Calvert contest for the 44th Congressional seat, Bill hedrick has narrowed the lead that Calvert has…

Ballot Count: Garden Grove, Westminster, CA 44th

Here are the latest updates from the post election day counting of ballots. The Orange County Registrar of Voters has posted its update for today tabulating the late vote-by-mail ballots. There are still Provisional and paper ballots from election day that still need to be tabulated. But here is where things are in the close…

Hedrick-Calvert Results Link

Click on the image above to view the current results from the Hedrick/Calvert Congressional contest. The results will most likely change daily after results from Riverside and OC are updated at 5 pm.