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My Birthday Wish

(Proudly cross-posted at C4O Democrats) In case you didn’t know, my birthday is today. Yay. When I was little, I’d always be excited about a day full of celebration, gifts, and sheer bliss. Now, I just notice myself getting older… And hopefully a little wiser with each passing year. I guess one reason why I…

Four Obama Inspired Lessons for California Democrats – Part Two

Last week I wrote that the Obama campaign should serve as a master class in winning elections for Democrats, but, unfortunately, not enough California Democrats are playing attention to the Obama campaign’s most important lessons. We’ve dealt with the first two lessons — (1) Blame Republicans and Present a Democratic Solution, and (2) Use the Internet. The remaining two Obama inspired lessons are (3) Expand the Electorate, and (4) Champion the Middle Class. Let’s tackle them now.

End California’s Hostage Crisis

On this morning’s radio talk shows, following the early morning passage of California’s budget, Democratic legislators have finally taken up the political fight against the Republicans and are urging revision of the state’s dysfunctional budget process. This is a budget the GOP can be proud of, because it’s a profoundly conservative budget. Because they hold a conservative veto over it. And they get the best of both worlds – they don’t have to vote for the budget en masse so they don’t have to own it. In short, the hijacking worked. This is the most important issue facing California – and it’s time for a change.

And We Have a Budget… Yuck.

Yes, my dears, California now has a budget. So what happened? Abel Maldonado got his silly “open primary” (Or did he? It first has to be approved by us the voters in 2010… Hehe.) so he can run for Controller. Some environmental laws have been weakened or delayed so people can die and big polluters…

Wherein The Governator Attempts to Regain Relevance

Wow. Arnold says the obvious. “If you think you can do this budget without any increase in revenues,” he said, “then you have a big math problem.” And he wasn’t finished there: “Anyone that runs around and says this can be done without raising taxes, I think has not really looked at it carefully to…

Deal Or No Deal? You Make The Call!

I was starting to feel relieved last night when Calitics reported that Sen. Dave Cox was about to agree to the budget. Ah, finally! But wait… The Republican Senate leader, Dave Cogdill, was then kicked out and replaced by even farther far-right Dennis Hollingsworth. Oops. And even though Cogdill said he had three votes lined…

Let California Fail

Since the proposed budget is bad (too many cuts in the wrong places), why should Democrats support it? Why isn’t the state Democratic Party telling the voters that this disaster has been caused by the Republicans? Why are the Democrats not seizing the ideological moment by calling this budget disaster a Republican disaster? We ought to insist now on a budget that is fair — and if that fails, we ought to go to the voters and tell them that the Republicans have caused their state government to fail.
Only then will we have the chance to get real change in California.